Undergraduate courses

KR1200 Programming for Civil Engineers (semester 1)

TG2500 Engineering seismology and earthquake engineering (semester 7)

TG1100 Foundations, retaining walls, and geotechnical structures (semester 8)

TG3700 Geotechnical earthquake engineering (semester 8)

TG3800 Numerical methods in geotechnical engineering (semester 9)

TGY002 Natural hazards: Analysis and Management of Risk (semester 9)

Graduate courses

ASTE01 Geotechnical earthquake engineering and natural hazards (semester 1)

ASTE07 Design geotechnical works against earthquakes and other natural hazards (semester 2)

ASTE09 Risk assessment of technical works against natural hazards (semester 2)

Y10 - PCRAM Foundations of historical buildings. Pathology of historical constructions caused by ground & foundations. Methods & techniques of reinforcement (semester 2)

ADISPO Strategic planning and risk assessment

Study abroad - Erasmus+, TIME, ATHENS

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